#54 Digitalization: Cloud-based platform for signage professionals

In this episode SignAgent founder David Jorritsma introduces his software – SignAgent, a cloud-based platform that brings signage professionals together in a single, cloud-based platform to facilitate the management of wayfinding and signage projects.
If you would like to learn more about how SignAgent works, there will be a free online course on 22.01.2024 via DesignAustria. In this course, Christian Lunger will show you how you can manage planning processes with the specially developed SignAgent platform and save a lot of time and nerves in the process. SignAgent covers all aspects of signage and wayfinding program development, from the creation and management of layout plans to the database-supported management of content, the management of correction rounds and design automation. Attendees of the event and listeners of the podcast will receive a vourcher code (motas24) for a discount on their first annual license. This offer is valid for a limited time.


Link to the free online course on 22.01.2024: designaustria.at/signagent


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