#14 Chester Beatty Library: digital solutions to improve access to museums

During a study tour in Dublin I had the chance to visit the Chester Beatty Library and have a talk with Tim Keefe – Head of Digital. We talked about using digital solutions to improve access to and experience of the Museum.

Tim Keefe is the Head of Digital for the Chester Beatty Museum in Dublin Ireland. This new department is responsible for ongoing digitisation of the museum’s collections and their open access dissemination through new web based infrastructure. Tim is also responsible for the development and implementation of the museums long term digital strategy and vision.

In addition to this role Tim is the Director of Finance and non-executive board member of the Digital Preservation Coalition, and is an adjunct faculty member in the graduate programme for the school of Information and Communication Studies at University College Dublin.

Prior to this position Tim worked as the Head of the Digital Resources and Imaging Services at Trinity College Dublin. This department was dedicated to the development of digital library resources from the university’s special collections and archives.

Tim also worked as a Research Scientist at the Eastman Kodak Corporation in the Research and Development Division as a member of a new product development and innovation laboratory, as well as in the Kodak Professional Digital Capture Group supporting the development of innovative new professional digital capture products.