In this episode, Christian Lunger talks to Sheila Pontis and Michael Babwahsingh, authors of Information Design Unbound: Key Concepts and Skills for Making Sense in a Changing World (Bloomsbury, 2023).

What prompted them to write this book? Why did they choose the traditional book format? What are the criteria for doing the work of information designers well? How do they teach information design?

Michael Babwahsingh is an information designer and partner at Sense Information Design. His work focuses on information design in the broadest sense: helping people make sense of their world in order to solve problems, uncover opportunities, and achieve their goals. 
Sheila Pontis, PhD is an information designer, researcher, educator, and partner at Sense Information Design. With more than 20 years in higher education, her courses and research blend information design, cognitive science, and field research with creative thinking to help people reconnect with their imagination, envision new realities, and feel empowered to lead change — in their own lives and in society.

Enjoy listening to the podcast and reading the books.

Reading tips

Information Design Unbound book website

Bloomsbury site to order Information Design Unbound

Making Sense of Field Research: A Practical Guide for Information Designers, Sheila Pontis, (Routledge, 2018)

Communicating Knowledge Visually: Will Burtin’s Scientific Approach to Information Design, R. Roger Remington, Sheila Pontis (RIT Press, 2021).